This little blog is full of stories that’ll hopefully make you feel warm and will allow you to get lost in a world where women are the priority, where they are loved out loud and proudly, where friendships are as important as romantic relationships and where they live their best lives.

Latest from the Blog

Faramade & Ifemena III

For Christine, Itohan,Tobi and all my new readers. I’m glad you enjoy reading my work. SUNDAY  Faramade was feeling a lot of things and not one of them was positive. First off, it was hot. Despite all the money he’d spent the day before, Ayobami hadn’t got the air-conditioning in his car fixed. She’d wanted… Continue reading Faramade & Ifemena III

Faramade & Ifemena II

SATURDAY Ifemena was excited. And horny.  Frankly, she had been in a permanent state of horniness since she had met Faramade at her mother and step-father’s wedding two years ago. Her newly acquired step-brother had walked over, eager to introduce his girlfriend. Mena remembered that Fara had been shy, and had clung very tightly to… Continue reading Faramade & Ifemena II

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artist: niyi brown

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