This little blog is full of stories that’ll hopefully make you feel warm and will allow you to get lost in a world where women are the priority, where they are loved out loud and proudly, where friendships are as important as romantic relationships and where they live their best lives.

Latest from the Blog

How To Be An Ally II

This story took waay longer than I expected to finish writing, and I almost gave up a couple of times. I’d like to thank my beta readers for continuing to put up with me and my requests for feedback and edits at odd hours of the night, and Demilade, for reminding me (often) that there… Continue reading How To Be An Ally II

Stories Like This

A short story for a competition, with a 200-300 word limit. 5 words had to be used in the story, and they are ‘ubiquity’, ‘grouse’, ‘inlet’, ‘fib’ and ‘askance’. Enjoy! It begins, as most stories like this do, with a tiny lie. “I fell down the stairs.” My sister looks askance at me, obviously wanting… Continue reading Stories Like This

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model: https://www.instagram.com/munieeerah/

photographer: https://www.instagram.com/nstlgc_kky/

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